Buying Maruti Men’s Allesandro Dress Shoes

Published: 16th April 2010
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Designed in the fashion capitol of Milan, Italy and produced in Italy & Portugal, Maruti is a new and unique fashion footwear collection for men and women.

Maruti shoes are characterized by their distinct European infuenced street fashion design achieved through creative material combinations and unique details both in its outsoles and upper patterns.

The home base of Milan, Italy guarantees that the designers have the latest influences on style and fashion. A tradition which has long associated the Top Fashion Catwalks with the city of Milan. Let's face it when any of the fashion guru's launch a new range of fashion clothing or footwear. Where do they showcase it first, New York, Paris, London or Milan? Of course the answer is simple, isn't it? It is always 99.9% of the time Milan.

Maruti's Allesandro Men's Dress Shoe adds a bit of high style and sophistication into your casual wardrobe. The quality leather shoe features a deluxe crinkle upper, detailed stitching, and thin laces. Pair this edgy shoe design with your favorite denim jeans for a rugged chic look. The shoe has been designed specifically for comfort and durability to last the test of time in both fashion stakes and wearability.

Here's what a happy buyer has said:

Buyer recommended for similar item transactions. Well accomplished dress to casual shoe having sturdy, stable, and comfortable construction affording symmetrically enhanced aesthetic detail. Slim of width, linear, and imbued of breadth. Industrious usage of quality leather, pigment, stitch, and seal providing contrasting nurtured textures and chromatic indifference toe through hilt.

Maps well accompanying dress jeans or casualt. Wears of a handmade Italian model.

Maruti Shoes make a full range of shoes, boots and casual footwear for ladies and men exclusively available from the retailer you can trust, Amazon.

The shoes come in a wide variety of styles and sizes to suit the everyday lives of men and women from all walks of life. Although, relevantly new in the fashion world when compared to the big brands like Nike, Adidas and the likes. Maruti is slowly but surely becoming one of the rising brands of the Footwear Fashion World for it's innovative designs and styles that will turn heads on the high street. Be aware that this range of shoes and botts for men and women are not currently available to buy on the high street, you can only get them online exclusively at Amazon through their relationship with one of their partner

Pretty soon the brand of Maruti will be on the lips of the Fashion Icons as the shoes will become hotsellers with the celebrity in-crowd and A-Listers. People like Cheryl Cole, David Beckham and the fashion infuencers of our generation will be endorsing the brand of Maruti on tv and cable, mark my words.

The big question you should ask your self is do you want to be a trendsetter or mearly an after the fact trend follower?

To see the full range of exciting and vibrant styles on offer for men and ladies from Maruti click on the link to be taken to Maruti Shoes.

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